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Website Design Trends 2017

As technology, search, and website development advance, we take a look ahead to forecast the website trends we envision in 2017.

Videos and Animations

With the rise of Facebook Live and 360 video in 2016, we will start to see websites embedding these types of videos into their sites.

User Generated Content

A strong content strategy based on experiential content throughout your site will increase your organic traffic.

Experiential Content - Responsive Storytelling

Organizations that continue to add experience based content throughout their website will continue to see increased growth in their organic search results.

Experiential Content - Responsive Storytelling

Clean, Simple User-Oriented Design

User-centered design is defined as designing to increase the usefulness and usability of your website.

Large Typography

More web designers are utilizing big, flashy typography and superimposing text over sites images. This will make both the text and image seem more powerful to the user.

Large Typography