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Issue 11 | September 2017

Making Better Use of Your Time...

Everyone could use more time! While we can't extend your day, we can certainly suggest tips and services to help make your day more productive. In this issue, we are highlighting four suggestions:

Each of these services will help shave hours off your work week and help to refocus your attention on your customer instead of your website. Stay connected, see something new, eliminate stress and expand your creativity with us!

Site Monitoring

Site Monitoring

As of September 2017, J Rudny is now utilizing the online monitoring service Uptrends. This remote service provides 24-hour uptime monitoring for all client sites currently enrolled in an active J Rudny Maintenance Package. Additional features include:

  • Multiple monitoring location checkpoints
  • Multi browser monitoring
  • Email error and clear notifications
  • Reporting history
  • Error snapshots

Interested in learning more about our Uptrends or J Rudny Maintenance Packages? Let's chat! Contact us today to find out how we can reduce site downtime.

Chrome Security Warning

Starting October 2017, Chrome (version 62) will show a "NOT SECURE" warning in the address bar anytime a user enters text into a form on an non-secure web page. In addition, this same message will appear for all pages using the non-secure HTTP protocol while in Incognito mode (see address bar treatment image below). This new warning is part of a long term plan to mark all pages served over HTTP protocol as NOT SECURE. While this change won't affect the use of your site, it may reduce traffic and usage of your online request forms.

Starting October 2017, Chrome (version 62) will show a NOT SECURE

To avoid the "NOT SECURE" message, Google recommends protecting your site using the HTTPS protocol. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user's computer and the site. Data sent using HTTPS is secured and provides three key layers of protection: Encryption, Data Integrity, and Authentication. Additional information regarding HTTPS can be read on Google's Search Console Help site.

Depending upon your hosting situation, implementing the HTTPS protocol involves the following steps:

  1. Purchase a security certificate through a valid certificate authority source. Check with your hosting provider as they may have a process for streamlining this purchase.

  2. Be sure to set the security certificate service to auto-renew and include multiple points of contact to avoid certificate expiration.

  3. Install the security certificate on your server with the assistance of your hosting company.

  4. Issue 301 redirects across the site to route all traffic requests to use the protocol https instead of http.

  5. Update any references to scripts / code on the site that are not using secure sources.

  6. Issue a "Change of Address" within Google Search Console to use protocol https instead of http.

  7. Create and submit an updated site map within Google Search Console to help expedite the indexing process.

  8. Adjust Google Analytics "Default URL" to use protocol https instead of http within the admin area.

It is important to mention that Google treats this process as a site move and can temporarily affect some site traffic numbers. Refer to the Google site move overview page to learn more.

While this recommendation is not required, J Rudny is encouraging all clients to consider implementing this security measure to help protect data integrity and confidentiality. Contact us today to schedule this protection upgrade.

Meet Visit Widget

J Rudny and Visit Widget have partnered on an exciting project for Chicago's North Shore, bringing an amazing new experience to locals and travelers alike to unlock the best of what the destination has to offer. We're excited to unveil the Chicago's North Shore Guide on their website with integrated mobile apps, providing an interactive way to map out everything a visitor won't want to miss in Chicago's North Shore!

Meet Visit Widget

This powerful cross-device tool provides a new way to explore all the area has to offer and integrates directly with your site so absolutely no additional content administration is required! It also has built-in analytics for destination marketers to gain insights into the way the widget & apps are being used in real-time!

Meet Visit Widget

Visit Widget is a next generation suite of digital touch points designed specifically to enhance the visit planning process for visitors pre, during, & post visit. This feature rich tool includes a responsive web-widget that is embedded on a CVB or DMO website and branded apps in the App Store and Google Play. J Rudny's websites integrate directly with the Visit Widget system, so anytime you make an update to a place, member, or event on your website, it is AUTOMATICALLY updated in the web-widget and apps. Stay tuned for future adventures between J Rudny and Visit Widget!

Checkout a quick video tour here!

On The Road

On The Road Again!

This Fall, the J Rudny team will be back on the road! Come join us at the following upcoming events...

Stay up-to-date with future events by 'Liking' us on Facebook and 'Following' us on Twitter to see where we land next!